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Are you the rabbit?

22 March 1988
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☮Stephanie, 21.
☮Theatre Major. Theatre is my life. Once, I thought it wasn't. I was wrong.
☮I get annoyed when people text during class, movies, and plays.
☮I get more mad when people walk out in the middle of live theatre.
☮My friends & family are everything to me.
☮I remember the bad times, but it doesn't stop me from having good times.
☮I'm growing up a lot. Where I am isn't where I was.
☮I love to drink juice. I love love juice!
☮I've kept a journal since 7th grade. It knows me more than almost anyone.
☮I love music almost as much as I love theatre. Music is my boyfriend!
☮I watch a lot of movies. I love indie films.
☮I wish life were a musical.
☮I love cold weather and snow.
☮I sing really loudly, and I'm not good, but I love to do it.
☮I daydream. A lot.
☮I name everything. My cars name is Ursulla.
☮I ♥ Dr. Seuss.
☮There's a lot more to me that people don't get, myself included.

What does you LJ name mean?
Amneris_88 is names after one of my favorite musical theatre charaters, Amneris, from the musical Aida. Sherie Renee Scott, one of my idols, originally played her. As did Idina Menzel, another idol. And the 88 is just the year I was born. Just "Amneris" was already taken.

Music is my boyfriend ♥.

A Perfect Circle, A Whisper in the Noise, Alexz Johnson, Amanda Palmer, Apocalyptica, Arctic Monkey, Ashes Divide, Ashlee Simpson, Barenaked Ladies, Bat For Lashes, BBMAK, Be Your Own Pet, Between the Trees, The Beatles, Ben Folds/Five, Bette Midler, Bic Runga, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, The Bird and the Bee, Bitter:Sweet, Bjork, Black Eyed Peas, Bloc Party, Blondie, Blue October, Bonnie McKee, Breaking Benjamin, Bright Eyes, Britney Spears, Broadway Calls, Boyz II Men, Bullet for my Valentine, Can You Keep A Secret, Cascada, Cassie Steele, Chevelle, Coconut Records, Coldplay, Collective Soul, CSS, The Decemberists, Disturbed, Draco and the Malfoys, The Dresden Dolls, The Duke Spirit, The Early Novemeber, Emilie Autumn, Evenescence, Evans Blue, Eve6, Fall Out Boy, Foo Fighters, Framing Hanley, Frou Frou, Godsmack, Green Day, Harry and the Potters, Hawk Nelson, HedPE, HIM, The Hush Sound, Jack Johnson, Janelle Monae, Janis Joplin, Jem, Josh Groban, Joshua Radin, Kate Nash, Katy Perry, Kelly Clarkson, Kill Hannah, The Killers, Killing Heidi, Korn, Lacuna Coil, Lady Gaga, Leona Lewis, Linda Eder, Linkin Park, M.I.A., Madonna, Majorette, Mariah Carey, Marilyn Manson, Mark Schultz, Maroon 5, Meg and Dia, Michael Buble, My Chemical Romance, Nine Days, Nirvana, No Doubt, O.A.R., O-Town, Pantera, Paramore, Piece of my Heart, Pink, Poe, Portishead, Puddle of Mudd, Radiohead, Regina Spektor, Rilo Kiley, Rufus Wainwright, Saving Jane, Secondhand Serenade, Seether, Sevendust, Shaggy, Shannon McNally, Shiny Ton Guns, Sia, Simon & Garfunkel, Smashing Pumpkins, Snow Patrol, Soundgarden, Staind, Starsailor, System of a Down, Taproot, Taylor Swift, Tegan & Sara, Toad the Wet Sprocket, Tori Amos, The Veronicas, Xiu Xiu, Yum!Yum!Orange!

Across the Universe, Anastasia, Beaches, Bonnie & Clyde, Brokedown Palace, CAMP, Camp Nowhere, Chinatown, Cold Around the Heart, Coraline, The Corpse Bride, Cruel Intentions, Donnie Darko, Doubt, Drive Me Crazy, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Garden State, The Gradaute, The Invisible, Jawbreaker, Juno, A League of Their Own, Legally Blonde, Life Before Her Eyes, Long Kiss Goodnight, Mamma Mia, Party Monster, Phantom of the Opera, Phoebe in Wonderland, Pieces of April, Pretty Persuasion, Reefer Madness: The Musical, RENT, Repo! The Genetic Opera, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Saved!, Serendiptity, She’s All That, She’s The Man, Stage Beauty, Sweet Novemeber, The Woods, Thelma & Louise, To Wong Foo

At a certain point in your life
you will open your eyes and see yourself for who you are,
especially for everything that made you so different,
from all the awful normals.
_Phoebe in Wonderland.
a perfect circle, across the universe, acting, alice in wonderland, all my children, american revolution, andrew lloyd webber, aquinas college, aries, art, art history, barnes and noble, bernadette peters, bic runga, brittany murphey, broadway, burlesque, civil war, commander in chief, concerts, controversial topics, costume jewelry, dancing, daphne rubin-vega, dawson's creek, directing, dita von teese, drama, drama therapy, dreaming, dvds, eating soup, elizabethan period, english muffins, experimental theatre, eye liner, facebook, faeries, faye dunaway, frog and toad, garden of earthly delights, geena davis, george clooney, gilmore girls, girls next door, glitter, god, harry potter, hillary clinton, history, hoodies, human rights, humphrey bogart, imagination, independent films, indie films, italian renaissance, jack nicholson, jason robert brown, jeffrey carlson, jeordie white, jerzy grotowski, jonathan larson, josh kilmer-purcell, journalling, judy garland, juice, kathy griffin, kelly clarkson, laughing, learning about other religions, learning new things, liberalism, lipgloss, literature, marilyn manson, marilyn monroe, meryl streep, michael douglas, michigan's adventure, miss saigon, movies, music, musical theater, musicals, myspace, mythology, natalie portman, new york city, new york yankees, no doubt, norbert leo butz, old films, one life to live, oscar wilde, party monster, patricia clarkson, perez hilton, performing, performing arts, photography, pieces of april, pierce bronson, pilates, polar bears, politics, president obama, psychology, quotes, rain, reading, reading plays, red bull, rent, res-life, richard gere, rock music, rose mcgowan, scrapbooking, seasoned salt, shakespeare, shane west, sharpies, sherie rene scott, showtunes, singing, song lyrics, spring awakening, stage managing, stephen sondheim, sunglasses, taboo, the 60's, theater, theatre, theatre history, tolerance, tori amos, turner classic movies, twiggy ramirez, vacuuming, veronica mars, walking on sand, will smith, winter, wizard of oz, writing letters,